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Call for Articles

The Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities 

Call for Submissions

We invite contributions for Dance, Movement and Spiritualities. Standard articles will be in the range of 5000-8000 words, including a 150 word abstract, six indicative key words, institutional affiliation and a short biography.
The next submission dates for journal issues are:  October 15th 2016. Please also note, call for for articles: Special issue: ‘Dance and the Goddess: She in the dance’, submission 30th of November 2016.
E-mail expressions of interest and submissions to: Amanda Williamson: [email protected] 
Example topics may include (but are not limited to the following areas):
•          The meeting points between health, movement and spirituality
•          Embodied spirituality and Somatics movement modalities
•          The cultural production and historization of spirituality in relation to the growth of dance and movement practices
•          Spirituality, gender and dance/movement
•          The intersections between religion, spirituality and dance
•          Secularization and dance/re-emergence of the sacred
•          Connections between philosophy, spirituality and dance/movement
•          The emergence and appreciation of new forms of spiritual dance in Western contexts  otherwise undocumented (both popular and  academic)
•          The documentation of spiritual forms associated with institutionalized religion
•          Dance/movement forms aligned with non-institutionalized spirituality (evolving forms linked to New Age Spirituality and the holistic spirituality paradigm)
•          Secular spiritualities underpinning practice, performance and pedagogy
•          Postmodern spiritualities underpinning practice, performance and pedagogy
•          Movement/dance forms conversant with Feminist Spirituality
•          Jungian/post-Jungian dance/movement forms
•          The influence of non-Western/Eastern sacred narratives as they continue to inform Western  dance practice
•          Intercultural, cross-cultural and multicultural perspectives
•          Creative transformation and life-force celebration
•          Shamanic dance traditions
•          Mysticism, movement and dance
The journal offers a diverse platform for scholars working within and across the fields of Dance Studies, Theology/Religious Studies, Somatics movement, Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology, Health Studies, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Dance Histories. Dedicated to cross-dialogue and the potential inventive perspectives interdisciplinary collaboration generates, the journal aims to progress the academic study of spirituality in Dance Studies and within Higher Education.
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2.3 now on-line

Authors:  Dunja Njaradi 
Why people dance – evolution, sociality and dance
Authors:  Andrée Grau 
Professorial reflection: Creative experiments with the capture (and release) of performance through research and scholarship
Authors:  Hillary Keeney And  Bradford Keeney 
Dancing through myself: Memory, identity, spirituality
Authors:  Barbara Sellers-Young 
Positive Race Relations through Cuban Music: A Perspective from the Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT)
Authors:  Demi Simi And  Jonathan Matusitz 
Performing Sand: A Case for the Abandonment of Video Documentation in Buddhist-Inspired Live Art
Authors:  Pema Clark 
Somatically inspired movement and prepatriarchal religious symbolism
Authors:  Amanda Williamson And  Martha Eddy And Linda Hartley And  Mark Talyor And  Enrique Meléndez And  Mary Abrams 
Book Review
Authors:  Dunja Njaradi 

Special issue: ' Buddhism, movement and dance' is now published. 
A special thanks to Harrison Blum, our first guest editor.

Special Issue: ‘Dance, Spirituality and Phenomenology’
Editorial and some personal weaves on existential limitations and articular freedoms
Authors:  Amanda Williamson 

Learning to let go: Phenomenologically exploring the experience of a grip and release in salsa dance and everyday life
Authors:  Rebecca J. Lloyd 

Phenomenologies in The Flowing Live Present
Authors:  Sondra Fraleigh 

white-bodied poetry: beaching the beached
Authors:  Bronwyn Preece 

A phenomenological study of altered consciousness induced through movement
Authors:  Shannon Len Deets 

On dance and phenomenology: An essay interview with Professor Sondra Fraleigh, University of New York
Authors:  Sondra Fraleigh And  Amanda Williamson 

Forthcoming 2017:  ‘Dance and the Goddess: She in the dance’. 
The Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities invites contributions for a third special issue titled: ‘Dance and the Goddess: She in the dance’. This issue responds to the wider cultural revival, interest and re-emergence of the Goddess in contemporary cultures. The issue will document how She is appearing in contemporary dance practices, Somatics movement modalities, performance, therapeutic practice (and in personal sensory moving experience).  The journal seeks to embrace a diversity of experienced and felt spiritualities and discussion of methodologies suited to discovering more about dance and spirituality are most welcome, as well as innovative methods for recording, digesting and articulating the experiences of spirituality.
Topics may include:
  • Goddess spirituality and dance in ancient cultures and civilizations
  • Socio-cultural and historcal debates on the Goddess
  • Goddess spirituality related to Deep-ecology, environmentalism and dance
  • Goddess spirituality in Jungian dance/movement forms
  • Buddhism, Goddess and dance/movement
  • Dance, folklore, legend, earth mysteries, symbols and myths
  • Feminisms, feminist debates, dance and embodiment
  • Earth-centred moving relationships  
  • Somatics movement, science and symbolism
  • Archetypical goddesses in performance and/or therapeutic practices
  • Gendered debates, ambiguities and tensions

Tamapla Institute: Photographer: Laurence Demont

A Moment of Connection (artwork: Tarisha Finnegan-Clarke)

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