Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities
                                                  Contemporary Sacred                                                   Narratives

Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives
 Edited by Amanda Williamson, Glenna Batson, Sarah Whatley and Rebecca Weber
Presenting a rich mosaic of embodied contemporary narratives in spirituality and movement studies, this book studies the relationship between spirituality and the field of Somatic Movement Dance Education/Therapy. It is the first scholarly text to focus on contemporary spirituality within the domain of dance and somatic movement studies.

Journal of Dance, Movement & Spiritualities
Peer Reviewed


Dance, Movement & Spiritualities is interested in publishing works concerned with the relationship between spirituality, dance and movement, and contributions are invited from across disciplines. Research into spirituality receives comparatively little attention in Western dance practices. In contrast, this journal provides a platform for those practitioners and researchers who are actively and creatively working with spirituality at the centre of their practice/research to disseminate their ideas and findings.
The journal is particularly interested in scholarship that explores spirituality and movement from different inter-disciplinary perspectives offering a broad stage for academic discussion and innovation. Recognizing the plurality and diversity of spiritual experience, the journal invites contributions from a vast panorama of the world’s sacred dance traditions to topics such as secular, New Age and postmodern spiritualities. Articles may range from performance praxis and analysis, composition and aesthetics, Dance Movement Psychotherapy, community practice and holistic pedagogies. The journal seeks to embrace diversity of experienced and felt spiritualities and discussion of methodologies suited to discovering more about dance and spirituality are most welcome, as well as innovative methods for recording, digesting and articulating the experiences of spirituality.
Example topics may include (but are not limited to the following areas):
•          The meeting points between health, movement and spirituality
•          Embodied spirituality and Somatics movement modalities
•          The cultural production and historization of spirituality in relation to the growth of dance and movement practices
•          Spirituality, gender and dance/movement
•          The intersections between religion, spirituality and dance
•          Secularization and dance/re-emergence of the sacred
•          Connections between philosophy, spirituality and dance/movement
•          The emergence and appreciation of new forms of spiritual dance in Western contexts  otherwise undocumented (both popular and  academic)
•          The documentation of spiritual forms associated with institutionalized religion
•          Dance/movement forms aligned with non-institutionalized spirituality (evolving forms linked to New Age Spirituality and the holistic spirituality paradigm)
•          Secular spiritualities underpinning practice, performance and pedagogy
•          Postmodern spiritualities underpinning practice, performance and pedagogy
•          Movement/dance forms conversant with Feminist Spirituality
•          Jungian/post-Jungian dance/movement forms
•          The influence of non-Western/Eastern sacred narratives as they continue to inform Western  dance practice
•          Intercultural, cross-cultural and multicultural perspectives
•          Creative transformation and life-force celebration
•          Shamanic dance traditions
•          Mysticism, movement and dance
The journal offers a diverse platform for scholars working within and across the fields of Dance Studies, Theology/Religious Studies, Somatics movement, Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology, Health Studies, Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Dance Histories. Dedicated to cross-dialogue and the potential inventive perspectives interdisciplinary collaboration generates, the journal aims to progress the academic study of spirituality in Dance Studies and within Higher Education.

​E-mail expressions of interest and submissions to: Amanda Williamson: [email protected] 


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